This project was an important part of my master thesis. In our society, digitization manifested an “always on” paradegima of constant accessibility and quick answers. The goal in this project was the conception of an application which contradicts the paradigm. A possible set-up was presented to motivate the reduction of online time in favor of offline time.


In our society, digitization manifests an “always on” paradeigma. Emails, instant messaging and social networks let communication run in real-time. Distances are easy to overcome. Consequences can already be found in several studies: Solitary activities are on the rise, whereas social activities are losing most importance. With rudl this trend is to be countered. Can an application as the epitome of digitization, stop this trend? Within the application, different approaches are implemented and general requirements got refocused. The approaches are examined with a corresponding evaluation and the findings are communicated to the public. If the results are positive, a rethinking in the conception of social networks and similar platforms would be worth considering.


The project is currently in the evaluation phase. The results will be published at a later date.

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