In the upper header, a selection of different video projects is shown. All video clips show a shortened version of the actual video. Every video clip is briefly explained in the following.

Video clip 1: Plantr

This video was created as part of the course “Mobile ubiquitäre Medien” during my undergraduate studies. It is a concept video for a flower application. The application had been completely implemented during the course.

Video clip 2: Faust

In this study project in the course “Medieninformatik 2” (2nd semester), I participated in the realization of this short film. The short film shows a fictive scene, which based on Goethe’s “Faust”. For this short film we got the “Golden Roland” in the category “Best Effects” by our course leaders.

Video clip 3: Bremer Town Musicians

During my year abroad, I worked together with my fellow student on this project. For the very first time we used Adobe After Effects to create an animation video. The aim of this project was the creation of an animation video on basis of a shadow play that retells a fairytale – we chose the town musicians of Bremen.

Video clip 4: LIVA

As a concept film for the master project LIVA (Live Interactive Versatile Animation) this video presentation was created. It shows the interactions with our software and the input device. The manufacturer of the input device later uploaded some clips of our video on its YouTube channel.