Smart Blueberry - Addon for Home Assistant

Smart Blueberry - Addon for Home Assistant


Explore SmartBlueBerry, seamlessly integrating with Home Assistant. With a focus on enhanced lighting control for everyone, SmartBlueBerry empowers even non-technical users to effortlessly customize their smart homes.


SmartBlueBerry excels by offering a swift setup without requiring technical expertise. Effortlessly tailor your smart living space with easy-to-use modules for personalized configurations. Control lighting and climate settings effortlessly, adapting to your preferences. Include window management for automatic adjustments when windows are open. Automate irrigation valve control based on weather forecasts. Enhance overall efficiency with automated presence updates based on motion devices. It is powered by Angular, hapi and Websockets.

Visit the repository to start with the installation.

Born in openHAB

SmartBlueBerry started in orange and transformed to blue. Due to the migration of my smart home system to Home Assistant, I ported SmartBerry accordingly.

For those familiar with OpenHAB, the features of SmartBlueBerry are therefore also available in the openHAB ecosystem. Visit the archived repository of SmartBerry and install the container as a docker image.

Jan Wolf

Jan Wolf